Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free Tips How to Sell your used books for Cash

Perhaps you have books in your garage. Perhaps your teen left you with a box full of books.

Stop.... Do not throw them away or even give them away because you can make some serious money.

I have been selling books for over 12 years and I can tell you I absolutely love it. It's easy money and it really works.

What ever you do never and I mean never sell a book that is water damage. It doesn't matter if it is  the latest edition.  Water damage books are unsellable period. .. Now let us begin.

1) Used and even new books can be found at garage sales my favorite. I can't tell you how many parents not knowing their value have sold their teens textbooks for quarter change. The best time for garage sale is not early morning when the prices are higher but rather toward the end of the garage sale. I have found free boxes loaded with books because they just wanted to "get it out of the way".

2) Thrift stores usually don't have computers in the back. So they don't know the precious value of books. But used bookstores usually do have computer excess. Making a profit is usually not found in used bookstores I have found.

3) Look on the back cover on the bottom it has the IBN number there. This number can also be found in the inside bottom page along with the year of the book.
Rule of them usually 2007 and up are considered a good profit. Don't buy the book unless you know it's a winner. You always have a pad and pen to jot the IBN number down. Perhaps you have  cell phone with  internet access where you can punch the ibn code for the value of the book. And they now have hand held scanners to instantly get the IBN value.

4) You can sell on Amazon which I have done for years. I highly recommend this site. I have been selling here for years. They can put the cash in your account direct deposit it is so awesome. is also a good place but they pay twice a month which is okay but a bit slow for me. Textbookx is good also. Craigslist is quick cash. The best time to sell your books is 2 weeks before college semester starts. Kids are scrambling for book sales. May I give the super tip of all?? Please check out book scouter on the web because this awesome site will allow you to punch in the ibn on your book and instantly tell show you 10 or more places it is selling. ***** This will cut your time by 95 percent It's an awesome tool Use it..

Lastly If you have any books  left they  can be swapped. They have an excellent book swap online. You list your book online. You get book credit.   You can get that a book you want. It works very nicely.

I hope this helped you understand that there is money in books. Your friends and relatives, neighbors all have books they don't want. Look and you will find...I can't tell you the great feeling when you see a message in your email " You made a Sale"  easy cash in your pocket.